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Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness
self compassionate words practice

strong yogic breathwork practice

posture, breath, & body awareness meditation

Aware4All’s mission is to teach meditation, breathwork, & trauma sensitive mindfulness techniques to people (all skill levels) & help cultivate a practical skill set that empowers them to have more clarity, peace, fearlessness, & power in their daily lives. We bring the community together to practice, learn and grow through open awareness. We guide practice sessions, trainings, & retreats in person & online - for individuals, groups, & organizations. 

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Clear --- Peaceful ---- Fearless ---- Power

Jason T. Dean, Founder

Since 2008 I've studied & practiced meditation, ranging from systems like Circular Breathwork, Mindfulness & Meditation (science based), Dzogchen, Bön Buddhism, Vipassana, Pranayama, Deliberate Cold Exposure, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, and Lucid Dreaming. See my about page and testimonials of people's results for more info. Book a session or consult.  

  • Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher: Dr. Itai Ivtzan of Naropa University (School of Positive Transformation)

  • Certified Breathwork Instructor: Michaël Bijker (Yogalap)

  • Certified Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness: David Treleavan 

  • Certified Circular Breathwork Teacher: Jon Paul Crimi



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