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About Me

In a profound meditation retreat during 2012, I had a life changing experience, and realized the most important skill to develop in my life is meditation  & breathwork. I had never felt anything like this before, and didn't know it was possible to tangibly feel and stabilize the profound power, peace, joy, release and love I felt in my body and mind. I wanted to give this wonderful feeling to everyone I knew. This result came directly from my disciplined meditation practice, needing nothing external to experience this. I saw how it can be such a gift to be open and aware for just 5 minutes in a very practical way. 


Be warned that these things can sound "woo-woo," however meditation is very practical, researched based, and can be applied to simple everyday businesses, relationships, and personal life. You can go as deep or as light as you want with practice. 


Everything in life can be destroyed, and new things created. I saw that particularly my own body, hobbies, and skills can be destroyed, and not relied upon for an inner refuge. Over the years, I also experienced chronic pain that slowly made me have to let go of some of the life activities and work I once enjoyed.  An insight came to me that I failed by putting refuge into impermanent things that dissolve quickly, causing myself unneeded, intense suffering. This truth of meditation being the most important, longest lasting skill to develop & rely upon as my refuge became ever more real for me because of this. Coming from a loving family, I saw that an outer refuge of belonging to a loving, supportive community also matters greatly. 


So, I am happy to share with people what I know, because I know this matters, can change peoples lives forever, and lead them to do great and more productive things in this world congruent with your personality. like achieving your dreams, releasing tons of emotional trauma, or having a little more or a LOT more peace.  


A goal of mine is to make meditation fun, practical, simple, powerful, and bring transformative results that can benefit people for a lifetime. Please see my testimonial page for how people are experiencing my instruction.

Its my belief that meditation cultivates the best, longest lasting sense of an invincible inner refuge within, allows one to go both beyond and within the body's & minds limits, and leads to developing inner qualities like freedom, power, peace, fearlessness, clarity, love, forgiveness, & joy. These positive qualities can be brought into the outer world, and create practical, profound positive change in our lives. Such as in one's productivity, stress management, goals & aspirations, habits & lifestyle, community, environment, spirituality, etc. 


Lastly, I am all about taking out the ego of being "a meditation teacher," and you will see I make effort to infuse my unique personality into my teachings. I am just a guy with specific skills, sharing what I know. I do not claim to be enlightened, nor wish to act like I am. I value being straightforward, real, and keeping a light sense of humor. 


Looking forward to hear from you. Book a session, join an event, or contact me. 

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Jason T. Dean

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