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Guided Session Types

In Person or Online Zoom Call 

Individual, Couples, Groups, Organizations

  • ​Circular Breathwork: Prolonged active breathing technique (about 30 min.), meditation, & transformational exercises to music

  • Dynamic Meditation & Breathwork: Variety of meditation, breathwork & trauma sensitive techniques

  • Couples Breathwork: Love language exercises, circular breathwork, meditation, & transformational exercises to music

  • Organizational Training: Staff &/or clients. Variety of practical techniques & stress management training available. 

  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness: Foundational techniques to manage strong overwhelming feelings or trauma while meditating 

  • Guided Audio: Guided audio meditations per request that you can keep forever. Ask for a menu or request a type of meditation. 

  • Custom Request: Specific customized requests to your needs, classes., events, collabs, retreats, parties, more techniques, etc. 

-Typical session length: 1-2 hours, however we can adjust timeframe as needed per request. 
-Session Descriptions: Click 
the session title, icons, scroll down, contact me or check out my testimonials to see fuller descriptions of each session type. 

-Locations Served: Local, Regional, & International  (in person or online)

  • Locally: King County, Seattle, & surrounding areas in Washington State & the Pacific Northwest (USA).

  • Worldwide: I offer private online video zoom calls & occasionally travel in person internationally & regionally. 

-Instructed by Jason T. Dean (Aware4All), Certified Breathwork, Meditation & Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Instructor.

-Contact Me to Book a Session: Directly contact me to book a session, as we update to a new booking website. 

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