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Guided Session Types

In Person or Online Zoom Call 

Individual, Couples, Groups, Org./Biz, Parties/Events

  • Optimized Circular Breathwork: A simple, transformational breathing session, utilizing an optimized, 3-Step, Deep Breathing Technique (Conscious Connected Breathwork) — that brings you the biggest results in the shortest amount of time. Practicing showing up & letting go. This breathwork journey stimulates the physical, mental and emotional pathways, leading you to have a therapeutic emotional release, a systemic rejuvenation in your body (nervous, digestive, immune, cardiovascular, & mind systems), & it illuminates your meditative power. Every session can give you a variety of profound, enriching experiences, & positive shift in your awareness. — This isn’t for everyone, but if you keep an open mind & put in your full effort, you will typically have massive emotional & physical relief, increased energy, and a transformational experience. Learn more here. Varieties of Circular Breathwork include: 

    • Couples Breathwork: Relationship Enriching Exercises combined with Circular Breathwork (can be ANY relationship type)

    • UBE: Ultimate Circular Breathwork Experience [7+ Mind-Body Techniques Added]

    • Public Events: Offered occasionally -- LIKE THIS! 

  • State Changing Dynamic Meditation & Breathwork: Solid range of powerful techniques in one session done to music, including science backed meditations, strong to gentle breathwork & trauma sensitive mindfulness. As needed, this can be custom tailored to your needs, goals, and focus areas. Multiple value packed pre-set options available, including: 

    • Basic -- Core Dynamic Meditation & Breathwork Session [9 Techniques]

    • Retention -- Yogic Retention Breathwork for Complete Nervous System Reset [Popular Breath-Hold Technique]

    • Pranayama -- Pranayama Breathwork for Deep Stillness​ [5 Essential Techniques]

    • Love -- Loving Kindness and Forgiveness Breathwork Meditation [Most Researched Based Meditation] 

    • Cold Training -- Meditation, Breathwork, Deliberate Cold Exposure [Reduce Inflammation, Train Resilience] 

    • Managing Trauma -- Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Basics [Regulating Your Window of Tolerance] 

    • State Shift Breaks -- Time Efficient, High Impact Breathwork Breaks for Professionals [Stress/Energy Management Techniques, 1-10 Min. Breaks Tool Kit]

    • Class Series -- Set of classes to go deep into one or multiple techniques, such as Beginner to Advanced Breath of Fire. 


Contact Me -- Free 15 Min. Consults:

  • Public Sessions (Events, Parties, Groups, Etc.)

  • Private Sessions (1:1, Couples, Groups, Retreats)

  • Organizations / Biz / Professional: Variety of practical mind-body techniques & stress management training 

Public Events


-Typical session length: 1-2 hours (we can adjust timeframe as needed per request)

-Pricing & Session Location: Discussed during consultations. There are many options depending on your situation. 
-More Info: Please contact me, check out testimonial page, or the additional info. links to learn more

-Limited Availability: I don't work or collaborate with everyone and have limited time. Please respect this when reaching out. 

-Locations Served: Local, Regional, & International  (in person or online)

  • Locally: King County, Seattle, & surrounding areas in Washington State & the Pacific Northwest (USA).

  • Worldwide: I offer private online video zoom calls & occasionally travel in person internationally & regionally. 

-Instructed by Jason T. Dean (Aware4All), Certified Breathwork, Meditation & Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Instructor. ​

-Contact Me to Book a Session: Directly contact me to book a session, as we update to a new booking website. 

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