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Upcoming Events


  • Please view the links below for public groups/pages I run or assist, which have occasional public events listed.

  • Contact me to inquire about a private session, organizational training, retreat, or collaboration (musicians & teachers)

  • Currently, I'm most focused on private sessions & organizational trainings per request (groups, couples, 1:1, businesses). ​​​


Past Event Examples:

  • Local Business Training  (Techniques for Stress Relief)

  • Chronic Pain Relief Support Group

  • Corporate Professional Development Class

  • Birthday Party: Dynamic Meditation & Breathwork Session

  • Couples Breathwork (Love Languages)

  • Men's Breathwork 

  • Transformational Breathwork to Music

  • Live Online Zoom Video Guided Sessions 

  • Outdoor Meetup Groups: Deliberate Cold Exposure, Meditation & Breathwork 

  • Group Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness 

  • Live Music Collaborations w/ Breathwork & Visualization Meditation 

  • Yoga Studio Breathwork & Meditation 

  • Mindfulness for Children

  • Breath of Fire Pranayama Series (beginner to advanced)

  • Apartment Community Circular Breathwork Session

  • Retirement Community Meditation Basics

  • Retreats


















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