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"Jason, you're my catalyst to my meditation practice"


Crypto, Yoga Teacher, Military Vet

"I felt respected, I felt great. I felt lighter. I got more work done than I did before, after the session"

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Educator, Cancer Survivor, Yoga Teacher

"The results I got from Jason were far deeper and longer lasting (than other teachers)"

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"This was the biggest experience I've ever had...I'll never forget it. It was amazing."


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ashica review 3.jpg

"Breathing is my new drug!"
-Ashica DeMira, Mental Health Therapist & Social Worker

Clinical Nurse Supervisor, Swedish

Construction Laborer

"the retreat was monumental"
-Makiline, Nursing Supervisor, Swedish Medical Group

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"I haven't had an experience as deep as this one"
- Caleb, Crypto,  Yoga Teacher

"I feel it doing wonders for my body"
- Audrey,  Art Teacher

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Edith testimonial pic.jpg

Edith: Energy Worker & Life Coach

"I had the chance to experience the ‘Breathwork, Meditation and Cold Exposure’ events that Jason and David presented.  Every time, it was a blessing for me. I left feeling better than when I arrived, even when I felt very good at the beginning.  

There’s a saying that mentions that we have the answers in us. Their level of expertise helped me to open up to these answers. Every week, they presented different breathing techniques that shifted me into more relaxation, and this process was sometimes preparing me to receive the guidance I was looking for during their meditations.


For instance, I was planning to move my personal items in a friend’s apartment in another state and move to Mexico. During one of their mediations, I became aware that my heart was tranquil with this new project in mind. It gave me peace of mind to move on with those new steps of my life with more ease.


I remembered that one of the meditations allowed me to become aware of how disturbing a conflict with a person was for me and, from this awareness, I received the guidance of what was required to create more ease with that person.


I don’t live anymore in the Pacific North West. Most of my memorable moments were these events! Thank you, Guys, for contributing so much into my life! I wish that people will give themselves the chance to attend your events since you create the possibility for them to open up to more of their inner genius! That’s what it created for me!"

"Increased Peace"

"Just do it"

"impactful, life changing"
- Alain Castro, Business & Travel

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